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This new year perhaps you have resolved to read more often to your children or grandchildren. One of the best ways to buy a children's book is to read a children's book. That advice comes from author and illustrator David McCaulay and Sylvia and Kenneth Marantz. The Marantzs who live in Upper Arlington recently dedicated one of the most extensive collections of children's literature in the United States. For a time it was displayed in Columbus; now it's on display at Kent State University.

M.L. Schultze of Ohio Public Radio station WKSU has more on the story.

Ohio's Primary Gaining Importance

Jan 31, 2008

The field of presidential candidates is thinning. Democrat John Edwards dropped out yesterday, and Rudy Guiliani is expected to follow. Political scientist John Green says that may make Ohio's primary more important, not less. From Ohio Public Radio member station WKSU, M.L. Schultze has more.

Renaming the Jake

Jan 11, 2008

No more Jake. Progressive Insurance company is paying nearly 58 million dollars over 16 years for a partnership with the Cleveland Indians that includes renaming Jacobs Field.

For the first time, the Ohio Supreme Court says some contracts for surrogate parenting are legally enforceable. But that leaves a lot of surrounding questions unanswered. A divided Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that a surrogate mother who kept triplets who were not biologically hers does not have the same rights as a parent. In a 4-3 decision, the court says the Pennsylvania woman must abide by her contract with the triplets' biological father in Ohio.

Catholic Vote Important in 2008

Nov 15, 2007

Even before the United States Catholic bishops issued their voter guide this week, University of Akron political scientist John Green predicted an active role for the church and its members in the 2008 presidential election. From Ohio Public Radio, WKSU's M.L. Schultze has the story.