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Vice President Mike Pence speaks at Tendon Manufacturing.
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Vice President Mike Pence found a friendly crowd in Northeast Ohio Wednesday when he visited a sheet metal factory. Pence told them that President Trump has turned the economy and the country around and that “America is back.”

Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue has been planning for Golden State for months.
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The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors face off tonight for game one of the NBA Finals. Never before have the same two NBA teams faced each other for the championship three years in a row.

ESPN says this has “the makings of perhaps the greatest NBA Finals in league history.”

Forgotten Ohio

It was 20 years ago that the Ohio Supreme Court found the state’s system of funding public schools unconstitutional. The case was brought by a coalition of hundreds of school districts and named after Nathan DeRolph, a student at Sheridan High School in Thornville.

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Ohio’s high school juniors may head into their summer break uncertain about what they need to do to earn a high school diploma. At the moment, they must reach a certain score on seven end of course tests. But that is likely to change.

desks in a classroom
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For all the talk about local control of schools, a great deal of education policy comes from the state. And that includes the appraisal of teachers. Most K-12 instructors in Ohio are graded and classified according to the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. That assessment has changed several times since it was written in 2011.


Ohio schools may expand their anti-drug message to students. It's one of the new proposals from Attorney General Mike DeWine aimed at helping the children of opiate addicts. But some members of the Ohio Board of Education remember past drug education failures.


Ohio high school students may be able to earn a diploma without relying solely on test scores.   A work group assembled to study Ohio’s graduation requirements meets Wednesday to discuss five proposed options. 


The Ohio School Superintendent plans to hold off on submitting the state’s new education plan to the federal government next month. The move comes the same day that the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that states would have much more flexibility.

Students meditating
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A philanthropic foundation is offering to subsidize a “mindfulness” program for some Ohio schools.   The practice of daily meditation is already being used in some schools, and backers say the  simple bit of self-reflection has been improving behavior and test scores.   

Our children spend a lot of time on standardized tests at school. Now there’s one more thing they could be adding to their elementary school schedules. The Centers for Disease Control has released a report urging schools to provide more — recess.

Ohio Governor John Kasich unveils the state budget on January 30, 2017.
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Governor Kasich’s proposed two-year budget would give a slight increase for K-12 schools in Ohio while freezing tuition for state universities. The proposals faced immediate opposition.

school hallway
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Donald Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, promises a free market approach to education. That theory of opening up schools to competition from for-profit businesses already has a foothold in Ohio.

A break in the way teachers are trained may also be coming.

State Board of Education member Tess Elshoff wrote the resolution to create a work group for further study.
Mark Urycki

The State Board of Education is holding off plan to enforce strict new graduation requirements for high school students. The change came when local school superintendents said nearly 30 percent of students may not make it.

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The first game of the World Series is tonight in Cleveland.  It pits the two teams with the longest droughts in World Series championships: The Indians and Chicago Cubs.  

The success of the Indians has caught sports fans here by surprise.  Some are still coming to grips with their Cavaliers winning the NBA championship in June, as Ideastream's Mark Urycki reports.

Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (left) and U.S. Senator Rob Portman (right) debate for the third and final debate for the U.S. Sentate seat in Cleveland last night

The two major party candidates for U.S. Senate in Ohio held their third and final debate in Cleveland last night at the Ideacenter. Freshman Senator Rob Portman, a Republican, faced former Governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat. As Ideastream’s Mark Urycki reports each tried to link the other to their party’s presidential candidate.

An enthusiastic crowd braved chilly temperatures last night (Tues) in Cuyahoga Falls to hear Mitt Romney promote his plan for fiscal austerity. The audience and the Republican presidential nominee both seemed buoyed by his performance in last week’s debate. A crowd of about 4,000 inside the gated parking lot and an undetermined number outside on the street heard Mitt Romney say, “This is our time.â€?

Road Trip: Industrial Cleveland

Sep 17, 2012

You can still see the industrial history of Cleveland. Start at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River where Moses Cleaveland stepped ashore from Lake Erie in 1796. That natural resource had already been long used for transportation inland by Native Americans. But George Washington had an idea on how the country could expand West– build a canal that could link to the Erie Canal. With that, farm produce deep inside Ohio could be shipped to markets back East.

Nearly 200 Ohio delegates to the Democratic National Convention are making their way home today from North Carolina. They got a send-off last night with an acceptance speech by President Obama. There have been two common call and response chants among the Ohio delegation in Charlotte. The first one of course is OH IO. And the second one, used by delegates from all the states, is “Fired Up – Ready To Go.â€? And that’s what Ohio Democrats were feeling after four or five very long days wrapped up with the final acceptance speech by their flag bearer Barack Obama.

After listening to Gov. John Kasich speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, it was Ted Strickland's turn in Charlotte last night. Like Governor Kasich in Tampa, Strickland also said things are getting better in the Buckeye state. But he offered different reasons than his Republican successor. In Charlotte, everyone knows Ohio could be a make-or-break state for the presidential election. So delegates cheered ecstatically when Ted Strickland told them Mr. Obama’s investment in GM and Chrysler brought back thousands of Ohio manufacturing jobs.

A former Ohio county commissioner convicted in a wide-ranging federal public corruption case was sentenced Tuesday to 28 years in prison. Ex-Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora denied any wrongdoing in a statement before he was sentenced. Tearful, Dimora said everything he did was for the good of Cuyahoga County taxpayers. The 57-year-old Dimora, also a former Democratic Party chairman in Cleveland, was convicted of racketeering, bribery and other counts.

Road Trip: Akron And The Ohio Canal

May 18, 2012

Native Americans knew that the land where Akron now sits lay between two waterways – the Cuyahoga and the Tuscarawas rivers. The Indians had established a portage path through the area to carry their canoes from one water route to the next. What they probably did not know is that they were crossing a continental divide. "Everything North of Akron the rivers flow towards Lake Erie and ultimately out toward the Atlantic ocean," says Jennie Vasarhelyi of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The area at Kent State University where four students were killed by National Guard troops has been made a national historic site in time for the 40th anniversary of the shootings.

It was on May 4, 1970 that Guard members opened fire on a student protest of the Vietnam War at the northeast Ohio school. Nine people were wounded. The section of campus where it happened was formally added to the National Register of Historic Places on Monday, and the university also dedicated a new audio walking tour of the site.

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama finished an early campaign swing through politically pivotal Ohio with a rally that had the energy of election eve.

The Illinois senator fired up a young crowd of both supporters and the politically curious in suburban Cleveland last evening with promises of a new vision and widespread change in policies at home and overseas.

The campaign says Obama raised more than $450,000 at two earlier fund-raisers in Cincinnati and Columbus.