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Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Six Players In Move Toward Younger Talent

Feb 9, 2018
Cleveland Cavaliers

The oldest team in basketball has traded away a bunch of its players and gotten younger. The Cleveland Cavaliers made deals with several teams today to get a whole new roster as they fall to a disappointing 3rd place in the Eastern Conference.

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If it seems like there are a lot of young men with beards in Cleveland this week, you’re not imagining it. 

Yale Law School

Republicans inside and outside Ohio are pushing their favorite candidates to jump into the U.S. Senate race to challenge incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown.

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Sports fans of Northeast Ohio know they should lower their expectations in an act of self-preservation. 2017 has been a very up and down year for Cleveland’s big three professional sports teams.

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Congressional Democrats are hoping to include a rescue in the end-of-the-year spending package for several large union-based pensions that fund managers say are running out of money.   

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The Cleveland Indians have announced they are adding more backstop netting to protect fans sitting behind the two dugouts at Progressive Field. 

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While President Trump this week threatened to eliminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, auto workers in Ohio told U.S. Senator Rob Portman that it has value.  

Nexus Pipeline
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission gave final authorization Wednesday to begin construction of the NEXUS gas pipeline through northern Ohio. Communities along the way have tried to stop or re-route the pipeline, and lawsuits are still pending.   

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have welcomed their newest player, 12-time All-Star and three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade.  He was expected to practice with the team on Wednesday and make his first media appearance as a Cav on Friday.

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The mayor of Akron recently issued a warning to citizens to be on the lookout for a fungus that kills oak trees. Oak Wilt is a condition that affects red oak and pin oak trees and has been found in the city. But it’s only one of the scourges that could spell doom to trees in Ohio.