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There have been 78 world premieres at Carnegie Hall to date, beginning with Dvořák's Symphony No. 9, the "New World Symphony," which premiered Dec. 16, 1893.

American composer Philip Glass will raise that number to 79 world premieres next week, on Jan. 31, and what's more, he'll do it on his 80th birthday.

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There are perhaps no two men more qualified to talk about their pursuit of music and literature than Haruki Murakami and Seiji Ozawa. So when I discovered that the two had sat down at various intervals over the course of a few years to discuss music and transcribe their conversations, I knew I had to read Absolutely on Music.

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This holiday season, join Classical 101 for the very best music fit for any occasion. Here's a quick peak at some of the great programming we have in store between December 19th - January 1st. We're here to help you celebrate, remember and enjoy the season of giving with the best of the classical repertoire. 

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The Empire, The Rebellion, The Force; They've all got their visual cues and they've all got their own sound in the Star Wars SciFi-Fantasy universe.

We recognize The Imperial March and Luke's Theme as cultural icons at this point, because that is what a strong theme, or leitmotif, does. It brings to mind the image and the feeling of the character or situation that it describes. 

But times are a-changing. And now we have "BRAAAM!"... Wait, what?

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You listen to Classical 101 every day in your car, in the kitchen as you cook, maybe even with your headphones at work. But have you taken part in joining the Classical 101 team to provide music all day, every day?

This holiday season—this Thursday, December 8th, specifically— the Classical 101 team would like to invite you to join in and help give the gift of music... And perhaps even take home a CD or two in return. 


Exactly one week after the recent presidential election concluded, I visited with some local middle schoolers who attend the Graham Expeditionary Middle School on East 16th Avenue. As usually happens with children, I walked away having learned much more from them than they probably did from me. 

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Starting November 5th, you’ll be hearing a new voice on the air;  WOSU’s new Classical 101 Program Director, Cheryl Dring! In addition to taking on the role of Program Director, you can hear Ms. Dring on-air, Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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Last Friday, I went out to lunch with Orlay and Orlando Alonso, and experienced first-hand the incredible energy that these two Cuban-born piano virtuoso players naturally exert. The best part: you have a chance to experience their whirlwind, gale force musical talent for yourself this week at The Alonso Brothers: Musica Cubana.

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There's only one place in town to catch Bang on a Can All-Stars cellist Ashley Bathgate and innovative pianist Karl Larson: The Short North Stage, courtesy of The Johnstone Fund for New Music. 

Don't miss "restless."

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In preparation for the release of her new album, opera singer and American star Joyce DiDonato invites visitors to her site to describe where they "find peace." The mezzo-soprano has worked with conductor Maxim Emelyanychev and ensemble Il Pomo d'Oro to record the upcoming album In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music

Of course, the title and content beg the question: how do politics and Classical music fit together? Should they?