Julie Grant

Evacuation orders are in place for residents in the Powhatan Point area after an explosion and fire at a well pad.

In eastern Ohio's Belmont County, some residents are still evacuated from their homes after a natural gas well explosion last week.

Hunter Franks

Kyle Kutuchief wants more places around Akron for people to just hang around.

To show what he means, he walks onto a newly renovated pedestrian bridge.

“Behold, behold, the grandeur,” Kutuchief says. “We’re standing over a big old highway.”

And this highway, known as the Innerbelt, is empty. Soon, the whole thing will be removed.

For many regional farmers, the most popular weed-killer is becoming less effective. As the Ohio River Radio Consortium's Julie Grant reports, many are reverting to older, harsher chemicals to combat so-called "superweeds."

Ten years ago, Bill Haddad thought he might be out of a job.