Howard Ornstein

Insurance companies are gearing up to handle the aftermath of the storm. nationwide insurance spokesman. Nationwide spokesman, Joe Case says his company has 40 thousand homeowner policies in Mississippi and Alabama ,but none in Louisiana.

Case says nationwide is getting ready to send in personnel from across the region. And they'll use the latest technology to speed the process. Case says policies do not typically cover flood damage, but they do cover damage from high winds.

Columbus city officials say they will use a new study on central city housing development to stimulate neighborhood revitalization. The Columbus Housing Partnership and city officials asked the private, non-profit Community Research Partners to research how to use limited taxpayer funds in targeted central city areas to help create a tipping point in the real estate market that would bring in private capital.

Columbus is host to the 29th annual National Wheelchair Softball Tournament taking place at Rhodes Park through Saturday.

Umpire Joe Miller called the balls and strikes from behind home plate as the Indians of Cleveland played the Yankees of New York...just two of the teams from around the country battling to become the national wheelchair softball champion. John Wall is with the Columbus Pioneers and is co-director of the tournament...

The husband-and-wife fugitives caught in Columbus Wednesday night will be spending at least another month in Ohio. Jennifer and George Hyatte have decided to fight extradition to Tennessee, where they are charged with murder.

Highway Shooter Pleads Guilty

Aug 10, 2005

The so-called highway shooter changed his plea today and was sentenced to 27 years in prison. WOSU's Howard Ornstein reports.

Charles McCoy Junior began sobbing as he apologized to the community and those gathered in Franklin county common pleas judge Charles Schneider's courtroom.

First I'd like to say I'm sorry to the Knisely family for the loss I caused them sorry to Mrs. Cox, when they played that 9-1-1 tape I felt the pain and suffering, McCoy said.

Two members of the base closure and realignment commission Tuesday toured the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in Whitehall. The tour by of the facility, located at the Defense Supply Center-Columbus (DSCC, by Commissioners Sam Skinner and General Lloyd Newton comes as the commission reviews Pentagon plans to reduce the number of finance and accounting centers to three nationwide. More than two-thousand jobs at the Whitehall finance center are at stake. Commissioner Skinner told reporters D-S-C-C is a first-rate facility...and Commissioner Newton agreed.

The 22nd edition of the Doo-Dah Parade drew participants from through-out Central Ohio and several states. They ranged in dress from skimpy to furry. Some made political statements. Others were there just to act out and be whacky.

The King and Queen of the Doo-Dah were out in full regal dress while a skimpily-clad Robert Hoss says he was headed for Canada because "Canadians recognize the value of gay and lesbian people."

Not all paraders were there to express political opinions. Some were just visiting aliens such as a family of coneheads who said they were from France.

An Ohio State University Marketing Professor faces prison and a stiff fine now that he and two others have been found guilty of insider trading. After the guilty verdict, Ohio State University officials released a statement that Blackwell had notifed the university of his retirement, effective immediately. The university says it is reviewing matters related to the naming rights associated with the Blackwell Inn.

Closing arguments are underway today in Columbus in the trial of a nationally known marketing expert accused of insider trading. Prosecutors say Ohio State marketing professor Roger Blackwell told family and friends about the pending merger of Worthington Foods and Kellogg Incorporated when he was on Worthington's board in 1999. Worthington's stock doubled when the deal was announced. Prosecutors say Blackwell's associates made nearly 900-thousand dollars from the tip.

College can be a grind, going to classes, studying, taking exams. But last night, several hundred Ohio State students got a chance to chill out and laugh as student comedians vied to be the funniest person on campus. Sophomore Stephanie Seger was crowned the funniest person on campus before a appreciative crowd at the Ohio Union. A trio of celebrity comedy judges, Tracy Morgan, Colin Quinn and Andy Dick chose Seger over her two rivals, Junior John Nawn and Sophomore Davey Berris.