Erin Gottsacker

Erin Gottsacker

Though America's coal industry continues to shrink, it's left its mark on the earth: Abandoned strip mines, flattened by explosions and the desperate search for fuel.

Nick Fancher/Aunt Flow

Boxes of tampons line the wall of a small warehouse in west Columbus. T-shirts read, “People helping people, period.” And buttons with cartoons of ovaries have slogans like “ova achiever” and “caution: I ovary-react.”

Ohio State University

This story is part of the Curious Cbus project. You ask the questions, you vote for one of the questions and we answer. Linda Blaine asked, "Whose idea was Topiary Park and who created it?"

Erin Gottsacker

As the sun sets on a Friday evening, two teams of teenage soccer players run the lengths of a field in Thompson Park. It’s their last game of the season.