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Debbie Holmes began her career in broadcasting in Columbus after graduating from The Ohio State University. She left the Buckeye state to pursue a career in television news and worked as a reporter and anchor in Moline, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee.

She returned to radio news after moving to Los Angeles and earned 2 Golden Mike awards for live news reporting. In 2002, she earned her MBA at Franklin University.

In September 2009, she returned to her career roots and started working part-time at WOSU News and in December 2010 began working full-time. She enjoys public broadcasting because it allows her to cover news stories in-depth. Debbie and her husband have two children.

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Ohio State University's Women In Aviation

Under the Lady Buckeyes banner, Ohio State sent pilots on Thursday to compete for the first time in an all-women cross-country airplane race.   

Columbus Division of Fire

Columbus leaders are taking a new approach to getting a more diverse police and fire department.  They recently hired what they call "community evaluators," who will help in selecting applicants.  

Mexican school student
Sarah Gallo

The Trump administration's crackdown on illegal immigration has divided some families. For the families that remain together, life in Mexico can be hard, especially for children who've never called the country home.


Military members face unique challenges when going off to war, and another set of challenges when returning home.

A new program at Ohio State University is trying to help by training professionals to deal with issues unique to returning service members.

Debbie Holmes

Advocates for regulating the safety of manufactured homes in Ohio are urging the state senate to reject efforts by Governor Kasich's administration to gut an independent oversight commission.

Debbie Holmes

Paying bills. Making friends. Finding a job, housing, or even just food. Aging out of foster care brings a range of challenges for young adults thrust into a new world.

A new program at Capital University is trying to help.


New research shows that black girls are punished at a greater disparity than black boys - and that holds true in Central Ohio.

Debbie Holmes

After opening in 2013 with the idea of pairing low-income students with local businesses, Cristo Rey Columbus High School in downtown Columbus will graduate its first class of students. And, as the 47 seniors commemorate their four years at Cristo Rey, all of them will celebrate being accepted into college.

Nan Whaley/Facebook

As the fourth Democrat to enter the Ohio governor's race, Nan Whaley wants to take what she's learned as mayor of Dayton and bring it to the rest of the state.

Esther Honig

With a rising homicide rate, Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs says violent crime in the city will get more attention this summer as officers ramp up their efforts in vulnerable neighborhoods.  


A ceremony was held Thursday honoring five Ohio officers, including two from Central Ohio, who died last year in the line of duty. 

Sam Hendren

Binaya Subedi was born in Nepal but came to the United States when he was 17. Now, as an Ohio State associate professor of education, he studies the Bhutanese-Nepali community in Central Ohio and the issues they face around identity, poverty and prejudice.

COTA sign
Flickr / Creative Commons

If you're taking a Central Ohio Transit Authority bus to work or school on Monday, you might want to pack  a little patience. Monday represents the first day of a new route system that officials say took several years and about $10 million to develop.

Columbus Chamber of Commerce

The head of the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) announced his resignation Wednesday morning during a Board of Trustees meeting.

Curtis Stitt served 18 years at COTA, including the past five as president and CEO. 

NCAA Women's Basketball/Facebook

Columbus will host 12 college championship events over the next five years, NCAA announced last week, including basketball, bowling, golf, lacrosse, rifle and volleyball. While the city has shown increasing interest as a sports location in the past few years, including for the women's basketball Final Four, it may be a harder sell for the industry's biggest events.

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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services reports Ohio’s unemployment rate for March stood at 5.1 percent.  That number did not change from February’s rate.

Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets' season ended with a 5-2 loss to the Penguins last night in Pittsburgh.

Nick Houser

A Columbus Police officer known as "the dancing cop" to some because of his community policing efforts, will take his message back to Harvard University next week.

City of Gahanna

According to city officials, Gahanna just doesn't stand out.

Gahanna marketing director David Kusz says it came to their attention that the city of 33,000 lacks a clear brand - and that's a problem for staying competitive.

Debbie Holmes

A trillion dollars for infrastructure? That's what President Trump is pushing for the United States, and Gahanna real estate developer Dan Slane is one of the people trying to figure out how that might happen. 

A report by the Ohio Inspector General finds that inmates at the Marion Correctional Institution built contraband computers and used them to commit crimes. 

Debbie Holmes

The room is about the size of a large closet.  There's a table and a flower arrangement on the floor, a stool sitting against a wall, and one bench. No pictures hang on the walls.

Nestled inside Arps Hall on North High Street, the room is a pretty plain retreat - but a peaceful one.


The City of Columbus plans to provide a new paid family leave policy for city workers. City Council member Elizabeth Brown says most company benefits haven't kept pace with current family needs.

Phong Nguyen/Flickr

Columbus city leaders think they have some solutions for parking in the popular Short North District.  This week,  Council members passed an ordinance creating a Short North Special Parking area.

It requires new developments to consider the parking they need and pay a fee if they can't meet the demand.  

school desk
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According to state report cards, Columbus ranks at the top of large school districts for chronic absenteeism, with a rate of 38.1 percent. And education advocates say that can have a rippling effects for students.

Christian Times Newspaper

You’ve probably read some of the stories. Maybe it was the one about thousands of fake ballots being stored in a Columbus warehouse for the 2016 election.  Or one about President Obama signing an executive order to ban the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. They're all fake.


A man who flashed a gun at Columbus State Community College earlier this month, causing it to close for one day, has been indicted by county prosecutors. 

Google Maps

The state auditor says officials at a southern Ohio correctional facility committed fraud and misused more than $20,000 in public funds. 


The race to become Ohio’s next governor continues to grow. Like the three Democrats who jumped into the 2018 race in recent weeks, Northeast Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci says he’s best-served to represent working-class Ohioans.

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Ohio's Correctional Institution Inspection Committee, which reviews and evaluates the state's prisons, may be folded into the governor's administration - essentially eliminating a legislative check and balance.