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Chief Content Director - Arts, Life & Culture

Brent Davis is the TV Content Director for WOSU Public Media. He believes that it is vital that WOSU is recognized as a primary source for authentic, engaging, and informative content.

He joined WOSU in 2003 after 18 years at the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio. He grew up in Missour-uh, as he correctly pronounces it, and has degrees from the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama. He nearly drowned playing intramural water polo at Missouri State University.

His hobbies include eluding alumni associations at the various institutions he’s attended.

Ways to Connect

Scientists continue to analyze debris from last week's collision between a space rpobe and the Tempel 1 comet. Scientists hope, by getting a look at the inside of the comet, they can better understand the formation of the universe. Getting to the comet, though, required some thought - in fact, a lot of thought.

Here's how they did it:

Local wetland tackles big projects

Jul 7, 2005

A thirty acre wetland in Columbus could provide help in the fight against pollution in the Gulf of Mexico a thousand miles away. The Olentangy River Wetlands Park near the OSU campus is looking to find ways to prevent pollution in both local rivers and in the Mississippi River Drainage Basin.

Math Fears: Part 2

Jul 1, 2005

America has a math problem. Too few understand too little about the exact science. In fact, a recent assessment ranks the U.S. 24th out of 29 industrialized countries.

Reasons for poor performance in math range from poor communication about math as a problem-solving tool to a negative portrayal by the media of math as a rigid and difficult subject.

Math Fears: Part 1

Jul 1, 2005

A recent study shows a math gap among U.S. students and students in other industrialized countries. Recent assessments show a slight improvement, but math educators say the gap is still too wide.

The report from the Program of International Student Assessment says U.S. students lag other industrialized countries in mathematics. While Sweden and Korea scored highest of twenty-nine countries included in the survey, the U.S. ranked 24th. The study measured the ability of fifteen year olds to solve real-life math problems.

Reader's Digest this week has ranked Columbus the fourth cleanest city in America. The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio wishes to do more. Starting today they will begin the process of turning landfills into a generator of clean fuels for the city and beyond.

It's been a relaxing trip until your canoe tips over and you find yourself swimming in the river. If that river isn't clean you might be getting more than a quiet trip down a lazy river. As Ohio's first water trail the Kokosing River needs high quality water for those unlucky enough to find themselves floating alongside their canoes.

In conjuntion with WOSU.TV 34's documentary, "Many Happy Returns to Lazarus", NPR 820 looks back on the history of the landmark department store which closes this week.

In part 2 of a special series, producers Brent Davis and Forrest Godsey say many people were happy to share their stories during the making of "Many Happy Returns to Lazarus."

Click the Listen icon to hear part 2.