Brent Davis

Chief Content Director - Arts, Life & Culture

Brent Davis is the TV Content Director for WOSU Public Media. He believes that it is vital that WOSU is recognized as a primary source for authentic, engaging, and informative content.

He joined WOSU in 2003 after 18 years at the University of Alabama Center for Public Television and Radio. He grew up in Missour-uh, as he correctly pronounces it, and has degrees from the University of Georgia and the University of Alabama. He nearly drowned playing intramural water polo at Missouri State University.

His hobbies include eluding alumni associations at the various institutions he’s attended.

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It's been a relaxing trip until your canoe tips over and you find yourself swimming in the river. If that river isn't clean you might be getting more than a quiet trip down a lazy river. As Ohio's first water trail the Kokosing River needs high quality water for those unlucky enough to find themselves floating alongside their canoes.

In conjuntion with WOSU.TV 34's documentary, "Many Happy Returns to Lazarus", NPR 820 looks back on the history of the landmark department store which closes this week.

In part 2 of a special series, producers Brent Davis and Forrest Godsey say many people were happy to share their stories during the making of "Many Happy Returns to Lazarus."

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