Brandon Bounds

Brandon is a junior journalism major at Kent State University with experience in broadcast, print, visual, radio and digital journalism. During the school year, Bounds works for student media with TV2 and The Kent Stater/Kentwired. Additionally, Bounds is a rising fellow for the Carnegie-Knight national News21 program for the upcoming summer. 

eSport gamers play League of Legends during a competion.
Joueurs de League of Legends au Meltdown Paris / Wikipedia Commons

Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for e-sports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

Kent State University could be the latest school to add a varsity program for eSports, multiplayer videogame competitions.

Kent State’s Vice President for System Integration, Nathan Ritchey, says the conversation about eSports started last April when the University of Utah announced its program.   

It’s illegal in more than 30 states to share explicit images of people without their consent, but not in Ohio.

Members of Aurora’s Police Department are working with State Senator Joe Schiavoni on a bill which would outlaw so-called revenge porn.

The term refers to former romantic partners sharing private pictures or videos in an attempt to get even with the other.

A Kent State University geology professor says the road salts are having an impact on our local ecosystems.

Dr. Anne Jefferson studies watershed hydrology in human-altered landscapes. Her research group has been looking at the issue over the past five and has found that the amount of chloride in ground water has increased. 

Jefferson says researchers are looking for safer alternatives to de-ice the roads.           

An Akron public school teacher is starting a project inspired by a Facebook post to benefit students’ self-esteem.

Glover Community Learning Center will be implementing the “I AM” Wall, which will include a wall of mirrors with encouraging quotes.

Julie Paulus says her elementary school is focusing on social and emotional learning this year.

A state lawmaker from Canton has introduced a bill to outlaw skateboarding while being towed by a vehicle.

The “Dallas Swogger” Act is named after a 16-year-old from Canton who died last year after he was injured skateboarding behind a moving vehicle.