Boyce Lancaster

Classical Morning Host

Classical 101 Morning Announcer and Host of the Promusica Chamber Orchestra live broadcasts.

Boyce Lancaster is an award-winning radio producer who has spent the last 25 years exploring classical music at WOSU-FM. His productions have covered a wide range of topics: Ruby Elzy: Black Diva of the Thirties; Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House; the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra broadcasts; the Columbus Jazz Orchestra broadcasts; and many short features such as Fridays with George featuring CSO Associate Conductor Albert-George Schram. His interviews include conversations with musicians Hilary Hahn, Evelyn Glennie, Leslie Howard, Michael Feinstein, and Mark O’Connor; composers Joan Tower, Michael Daugherty, Christopher Theofanidis, and John Rutter; and such luminaries as Tony Randall, Johnny Mathis and Henry Mancini.

He was a wrestler in high school; two of his favorite pastimes growing up involved horses…barrel-racing and pole-bending; he thinks chocolate needs a more prominent position in the food pyramid; he owns more cowboy boots than any other kind of footwear.

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Who Needs Reviews?

Jun 25, 2016

As newspapers continue to reposition themselves in a digital age, space in each issue has become more difficult to come by. Content continues to migrate to the web, as one would expect. Content also continues to disappear.

Dorothea Lange

A picture paints a thousand words, as the saying goes. Music, however, provides the subtle shading and detail which gives depth to the picture.

Mirriam-Webster defines Urtext simply as, "the original text (as of a musical score)."

On the website of publisher G. Henle Verlag, they say, "The term "Urtext" has been debated ever since it was first used. Yet the idea behind it is simple and easy to understand: the musician is offered a musical text which solely reflects the composer's intentions."

An interesting difference, at least to me. One says it is the page as it was originally published. Another says it is the sole reflection of the composer's intent.

Boyce Lancaster

It happens when you least expect it. Something you hear on the radio, at a friend's house, in a shop, walking down the street...that melody you just can't seem to get out of your head.

A Musical Pop Quiz

Jun 7, 2016

Not to make you think too hard this soon after the weekend, but it's time for a little music quiz.

Yo Yo Ma, of course!

Here are a few more little brain teasers for you from Classic FM. Have fun!

Can You Solve These Fiendish Composer Riddles from Classic FM?

Earlier this year, I shared a "musical mashup" by Grant Woolard, consisting of 57 classical melodies from 33 different composers. It was quite fun trying to pick out all of the favorite melodies he had woven together.

Sterling Classics

For many Americans, the thought of going to live in a foreign country might seem exotic. Buying a place in a small village where you can walk to the market every day, enjoy sights and sounds you've only read about in travel brochures, enjoy exotic nightlife, and eat exotic foods would be a dream come true, right?

Marco Borggreve

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra closed out the 2015-2016 season with two of classical music's greatest masterpieces...Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2 and Schubert’s Symphony No. 9, also known as simply, The Great.

Rick Buchanan

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra closes out the 2015-2016 season this weekend with two of classical music's greatest masterpieces...Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No. 2 and Schubert’s Symphony No. 9, also known as simply, The Great.

A number of years ago, I had a conversation with China Forbes, who sings with Pink Martini. We sat in their Portland headquarters, a 140-year-old building which serves as home base, distribution center, and rehearsal space, not to mention home to the group's founder Thomas Lauderdale, who lives upstairs.

Boyce Lancaster

Part two of the Vienna 1900: Tradition & Modernism Festival takes place this weekend at the Southern Theatre with a pared-down version of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

Pianist Stewart Goodyear joins CSO conductor Rossen Milanov for the two evenings, which feature Goodyear as the soloist in the Franz Liszt orchestration of Franz Schubert's Wanderer Fantasy. The performances open with Arnold Schoenberg's Chamber Symphony No. 1 and close with Mozart's Symphony No. 41, the Jupiter Symphony.

You might remember this classic commercial...

LeAnn Meuller

Time for Three, or tf3 for short, proves to be hot evening of music wherever they perform. The self-described "classically-trained garage band" played Columbus two years ago at the season-ending soiree of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra.

If there is one thing which sets Columbus apart from most cities, it's the sheer amount of amazing musical talent that calls Central Ohio home. It seems as though you could attend a concert every single day!

GMD Three

Grammy Award-winning guitarist Jason Vieaux was in town recently as part of the Otterbein Guitar Festival, in a program called The Guitar and Its Fretted Friends.