Anne Allred

Columbus drivers may have to change their commute.

The Ohio Department of Transportion will place new signs in downtown Columbus trying to force traffic to flow differently in an effort to reduce accidents and congestion.

The changes could come as early as the end of this week. ODOT will post signs near three congested, crash-prone, on ramps within the I-70/71 split. The signs will remind drivers it is illegal to cut across multiple lanes of traffic to get where they are going.

Speculation that Bob Knight will soon coach the OSU basketball team may wane.

The Texas Tech coach has agreed in principle to a three-year contract extension that will keep him in West Texas until 2009, athletic director Gerald Myers said Wednesday.

Myers declined to release details but told The Associated Press that the contract probably will be signed next week.

Knight, a former Ohio State player, has been mentioned as a possible successsor to Jim O'Brien who was fired Tuesday after admitting to giving a recruit $6,000.

The Hip Hop Summit Action Network will host a statewide voter registration effort at Ohio State University on Thursday.

The stop at the Schottenstein will be the network's 22nd summit that brings hip hop artists to cities across the nation in hopes of encouraging people to vote. Convincing people between the ages of 18-35 to vote presents the biggest problem for the Franklin County Board of Elections according to director Matt Damschroder.

Franklin County elections officials Wednesday met with represenatives from the voter registration group, ACORN.

Officials say some registration cards submitted by ACORN workers were fraudulent.

Both sides say they are taking steps to ensure it does not happen again. Officals promise to monitor the forms more closely than they have in the past.

April 13th will mark the one year anniversary of a house fire near Ohio State University that killed five students.

Two of the victims attended OSU and three were students at Ohio University. The fire was ruled as an arson and remains an unsolved case. WOSU's Anne Allred talked with students in the community one year later.

OPEC's production cutback goes into effect today, and additional increases in the cost of fuel are expected.

Long-haul truckers and small businesses that make deliveries are among those expected to be particularly hard-hit by any additional sticker shock at the fuel pump.

March Madness arrives in Columbus

Mar 19, 2004

The N-C-A-A basketball tournament comes to Columbus today, but most people still will have to watch it on television.

Games at Nationwide Arena sold out long before the schedule was announced. When regional teams Cincinnati and Kentucky were sent to the city, tickets became even tougher to find.

Restaurants and bars in Columbus' Arena District expect packed houses as well.

Recycling is not a game, until now. The King Arts Complex and the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio have teamed up to fund the creation of a video game that teaches children to recycle. "The Amazing Recyclotron" is a video game that teaches kids the fundamentals of recycling.

The player receives points for recycling paper, plastic, glass and other recyclable materials. However, if the player recycles the wrong items, points are docked

The video game is set up on kiosks throughout the hallways of the king arts complex.

Thousands of Ohio educators and policy makers are shopping for equipment and educational supplies at the annual Ohio School Boards Association conference.

Educators walked from booth to booth at the convention looking for new technology ideas for the classroom. Vendors showcased products that they say will help students learn and achieve.

Patrick Brown of Verco Manufacturing displayed what he calls the first ergonomic desk chair for grade school students. Brown says the chairs let students sit still for longer and pay more attention to their teachers.

Athens police had their hands full late Saturday night and early yesterday when the annual Halloween party on downtown streets got out of hand.

City and Ohio University campus police arrested or ticketed nearly 100 people and responded to nearly 20 fights and at least five fires.

Police called it the worst Halloween yet, as partiers lit couches on fire and threw bottles at officers. A rape on Ohio University property was also reported, and officers investigated several thefts.