Ann Allred

Somali refugees in Columbus are spending millions purchasing commercial real estate. Attracted by jobs and cheap rents, Somalis have flocked to Columbus, creating the second largest Somali concentration in the country. With the purchase of 9000 square feet of property along Cleveland Avenue, they're transforming blighted corridors into economic wonders.

The National Weather Service says hurricane Isabel will bring scattered showers to central Ohio on Thursday and Friday. But, central Ohio is gearing up in anticipation for the possible aftermath the storm may bring to the east coast.

28 rescue workers headed to Edison, New Jersey so they'll be on the east coast when hurricane Isabel makes landfall. Chief Scott Hall, says Ohio Task Force One, would rescue people from rubble and debris in necessary.

Members of the task force one will join other federal and state urban rescue teams at the new jersey staging area.

Central Ohioans remembered the anniversary of September 11th at a memorial on the Ohio State campus today. Student ROTC members organized the ceremony to recognize all of the men and women who died serving their country.

At 8:46 a.m. Ohio state ROTC members lowered the American flag to half staff. The same moment terror struck American soil 2 years ago when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. A 21 gun salute honored the three thousand victims who died that day.

Ohio will send additional national guard troops overseas. 86 members of the 416th engineer group will be deployed to support operation enduring freedom. The group is based in the northwestern Ohio town of Walbridge. They are scheduled to leave in mid-September. A spokesman for the guard says this is the unit's first overseas deployment. The members will oversee construction and rebuilding operations in Iraq. In all, there are 1,600 Ohio National Guard troops serving on active duty.