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This week marks the 30 year anniversary of the FDA approval of AZT, a landmark treatment for HIV/AIDS. We discuss the history of the disease and how it is treated and discuss The Short North Stage’s production of the play, “The Normal Heart,” which documents the early days of the AIDS Crisis.

The Normal Heart at the Short North Stage will have performances on March 16 and 17 at 8 pm and on March 19 at 2 and 7 pm.


Erika Wittlieb / Pixabay

A recent study found that people tend to assume more expensive food is healthier than cheaper food, but that is not always the case. Today we'll explore how prices affect consumer choices, the health benefits of certified green buildings and the effect LED streetlights have on sleep.

Bjoertvedt / Wikimedia Commons

The 115th U.S. Congress met for the first time this week, and already it's had a rough start. The Republican-controlled House prompted outcry after it approved an amendment that would eliminate an independent ethics investigation office. Join us as we discuss what's next for the new GOP-led Congress under president-elect Donald Trump.

iPhone Lock Screen
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Many start off the new year with resolutions about changing behaviors - eating healthy or exercising more. Another aspect of our lives that might need an overhaul is behavior with our personal cyber security.

We'll discuss cyber security tips, cracking of locked smartphones by law enforcement authorities and a preview of the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Winter Stargazing

Jan 3, 2017
Stars in the winter.
Timothy Boocock / Flickr Creative Commons

Winter can be cold and rainy and cloudy. But when the night sky is clear, the months of January and February are among the best for stargazing. And in 2017, Venus will glisten, a comet will tease and meteors will rain in the heavens.

American skywatchers also will witness a rare celestial event — the first visible total eclipse of the sun in 40 years.