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An investigation by the Columbus Dispatch has shown an unflattering light on pharmacy benefit managers.  PBMs like CVS Caremark act as middlemen in the relationship between insurers and pharmacies and drug manufacturers.  The Dispatch found they have earned billions of dollars in this role, paying pharmacies far less for prescription drugs than they get in reimbursement from, for example, Ohio's Medicaid program.  The newspaper's analysis of drug transactions covered by taxpayer-funded Medicaid found CVS Caremark rece

Inside the spotless industrial kitchen at Recovery Point, a long-term drug treatment facility in Charleston, W.Va., Tracy Jividen helps to cook three meals a day for the nearly 100 women she calls her sisters. This space is her domain, and the irony isn't lost on her: Last winter, she was stealing so she could eat.

The facilities that are housing children separated from their parents

7 hours ago

Who's getting paid to carry out the Trump administration's policy of separating children?

In March, the Trump administration ordered prosecutors to charge people illegally crossing the border and separate children traveling with their parents. Marketplace's Andy Uhler looked at the money that flows into the facilities housing these children, starting with a firm called Southwest Key. Below is an edited transcript. 

David Brancaccio: Tell me more about this company. How did this nonprofit grow to be such a key player in this industry?

Here are your morning headlines for Wednesday, June 20:

Search operations are underway for at least 180 people missing after a ferry capsized late Monday afternoon in Lake Toba on Sumatra Island, during Eid al-Fitr, a Muslim holiday which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Millions of people travel home for the holiday, and the lake is crowded with boats during this time of year.

A search and rescue team, including divers and drones, is scouring the lake's depths, looking for those who were on board the ferry when it sank.

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