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The release of a massive grand jury report into sexual abuse in six Roman Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania is posing a challenge for priests who will address the report to their parishioners this weekend. The roughly 900-page report includes horrid reports of of "predator priests" that conducted "criminal and/or morally reprehensible conduct" — often covered up for decades.

The Trump administration has lost another round in its efforts to get courts to dismiss lawsuits challenging the citizenship question it added to the 2020 census.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg issued an order allowing two cases filed at San Francisco federal court to continue.

A third man has been arrested in connection with a toxic batch of synthetic marijuana, called K2, that led to more than 100 overdoses between Tuesday and Thursday night in New Haven, Conn., according to officials.

New Haven Police Chief Anthony Campbell made the announcement at a news conference on Friday morning, describing the latest suspect as a man with "a history" with the department. The suspect has not been publicly identified.

George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign aide, could get prison time under a sentencing recommendation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller filed a recommendation with a federal judge on Friday that did not advocate a particular sentence, but noted the guidelines in the law give a range of no time to six months in prison.

Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy advisor to Trump's 2016 campaign, pleaded guilty in October to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians.

Conrad's Corner: July 17, 2018

Aug 17, 2018

Steve Broidy reads his poem, "Step On a Crack"

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It was there, then it wasn't.

Like an apparition that happens to involve a forklift, a truck and a 22-hour drive, a bronze statue of a goat-headed-and-winged creature appeared for a handful of hours at the foot of the State Capitol in Little Rock, Ark., on Thursday.

An Akron business owner thinks his company could be a leading force in the virtual reality industry.
Eric Vaughn is the owner of the production studio Red Point Digital, which is launching Skunkwerkz that will specialize in VR and stop motion animation.
Vaughn wants to use VR technology to keep people in Northeast Ohio and bring in talent from other states.

“By creating an entity that has a worldwide focus on where we think that

There’s a dance called earnings season that happens in the corporate world every three months. Public companies are required to open their books and add up all those debits and credits so that investors, analysts, and the media can comb through their financial statements. President Donald Trump on Friday said he’s asked the Securities and Exchange Commission to study canceling two of these dances, dropping the reporting requirement from quarterly to semiannually.

The city of Akron is testing a new bike lane on Exchange Street to make traveling safer for bikers and pedestrians.  

The temporary bike lane is in front of the University of Akron’s residence halls on Exchange.

Darryl Kleinhenz, a planner with the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study, said the lane’s use will be monitored and then it will be decided if the land will become a permanent.

Every August, thousands of people converge on The World's Longest Yardsale. It spans from Alabama to Michigan. We decided to drive the whole thing, to see 690 miles of microeconomics at work.

We follow a yard sale fanatic on her quest to find the perfect bed frame, and learn her strategies for getting the best deals. We buy some records from a man who decides he wants to buy them back. And we pick up some 70s amber goblets, a baseball bat, an ugly cat cookie jar... you get the idea.