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Cleveland Researcher's 35-Year Insulin Obsession Finally Leads To Breakthrough

Meredith Balogh does a quick inventory of her diabetes survival pack. “We’ve got insulin pens: these are a fast acting and a long acting,” Balogh says. “We’ve got extra lancing devices for checking your blood sugar; glucose meter, strips for that.”

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A new study has found that climate change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions could lead to significant changes in the biodiversity of national parks. These changes would make it difficult for national parks in both the eastern and western United States to meet conservation mandates.

Less than a century from now, visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, one of the largest protected areas in the eastern United States, may find that the scenery has changed a bit.

During economic downturns small businesses often struggle to stay afloat and do more with less. Columbus City Council is leading a series of roundtables to find out the needs of small businesses in Columbus.

June Brown and her husband own Carl Brown's Food Liner on Champion and Mt. Vernon Avenues. Brown says she and her husband stayed when others left because the community need stores like theirs. But Brown says she and fellow small business owners in the area are often frustrated by financial limitations.

In the midwest, the weekend nights are hotter! Well, relative to the weekday nights, anyway. According to a new study, the size of each day's range in temperature changes from weekdays to weekends. Researchers are calling this a "weekend effect".

A study published this week in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the total range in daily temperature in cities across the country varies on a weekly cycle. The authors refer to this as a "weekend effect".

The National Weather Service says hurricane Isabel will bring scattered showers to central Ohio on Thursday and Friday. But, central Ohio is gearing up in anticipation for the possible aftermath the storm may bring to the east coast.

28 rescue workers headed to Edison, New Jersey so they'll be on the east coast when hurricane Isabel makes landfall. Chief Scott Hall, says Ohio Task Force One, would rescue people from rubble and debris in necessary.

Members of the task force one will join other federal and state urban rescue teams at the new jersey staging area.

Central Ohio has become a disaster relief staging area . Dozens of 50 Red Cross emergency response vehicles are assembling in Reynoldsburg to respond to areas affected by hurricane Isabel.

Frank Kominoski and Essie Gardner of Indiana pulled their Red Cross truck into a Reynoldsburg hotel parking lot that was quickly filling up with disaster relief vehicles.

A new program to encourage women to receive early pregnancy screenings and prenatal care was announced Tuesday. Officials with the Pregnancy Care Connection say they want to make getting prental care easier for women who have difficulty scheduling, getting to and paying for appointments.

On average a woman in Franklin County waits up to 19 days before seeing an obstetrician to get prenatal care. The Ohio Administrative Code says the wait should only be 5 days.

A blue Conrail diesel locomotive slowly pulls a long line of cars out of the Buckeye Yard owned by CSX. The rail yard is an expansive facility. At its widest point. More than a dozen sets of tracks wide. Dozens of trains picking up and delivering goods use the facility every day.

Central Ohioans remembered the anniversary of September 11th at a memorial on the Ohio State campus today. Student ROTC members organized the ceremony to recognize all of the men and women who died serving their country.

At 8:46 a.m. Ohio state ROTC members lowered the American flag to half staff. The same moment terror struck American soil 2 years ago when the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. A 21 gun salute honored the three thousand victims who died that day.

A Hollywood entertainer announced Wednesday he plans to start an anti violence campaign in Columbus. R & B singer Tyrese Gibson and city officials say Columbus' first annual Youth Peace and Unity festival will be held in October.

On October 25th Tyrese Gibson, a singer, actor, model turned community activist, will host a peace and unity rally. Gibson says he has adopted Columbus as a second home and was disturbed about the number of homicides the city has had this year.

After a summer-long investigation, the Ohio State University athletics department has decided what to do with Maurice Clarett.

OSU athletics director Andy Geiger announced Clarett would be suspended for the season. Geiger disclosed Clarett violated the NCAA rule that prohibits him from accepting gifts as a college athlete. He says Clarett accepted thousands of dollars in gifts but he would not say exactly how many thousands of dollars. Geiger also said Clarett lied to NCAA and university investigators on 14 different occasions, violating the NCAA ethics rule.


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