Supreme Court Hears Challenge To 4 States' Same-Sex-Marriage Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments Tuesday about whether states have the power to ban same-sex marriage. A dozen couples are challenging the bans in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.The four states are the only ones whose bans on gay and lesbian marriages were upheld by federal appeals courts. A judge who voted in the majority in that case said the issue should be resolved by a vote, not a court. The case is expected to have a broad impact.Gay marriage is now legal in 36 states...
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Archie Griffin speaking
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Archie Griffin To Take New Ohio State Position

Dozens of attorneys representing four states, and the lawsuits against them, have converged in Washington D.C. to argue whether same-sex marriage should be allowed in two of those states and whether they should be recognized in the other two.

U.S. Supreme Court
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While Ohio has traditionally been a national bellwether politically, the state now finds itself in the minority on same-sex marriage heading into Tuesday's U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments.

Crosse Point Free Will Baptist Church
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Public health officials say potato salad made with home-canned potatoes likely sickened 21 people who attended a church potluck in Lancaster earlier this month. 

Photo of an accident scene where a truck struck a school bus and killed two pedestrians in downtown Columbus, Ohio on December 12, 2014
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Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says he'll seek a second opinion in the case of 62 year old Terrance Trent. Trent is accused of causing two pedestrian fatalities at Broad and High last December. 

Ohio Supreme Court
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The Ohio Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by an abortion rights group over a public records request seeking communication between the state's health department and an anti-abortion organization. 

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State and local emergency leaders will spend the next days and weeks refining evacuation procedures at Buckeye Lake after this weekend's drill.

Residents are coping with lower levels as the state rebuilds the lake's ailing dam.

"Fastest Student" Parlays Win Into Spot On Track Team

Apr 27, 2015
Malclom Branson
Ohio State University

Malcolm Branson was a criminology major at Ohio State who took fitness seriously, but didn’t play any college sports. 

That changed shortly after winning a student foot race at halftime of the OSU spring football game. 

Police car
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Columbus Police say a man is in custody after firing several shots at an officer driving his personal vehicle. 

Police say Officer Kevin Schoppert was in uniform while driving west on Interstate 70 early Sunday when 24-year-old Alphonso Reed pulled beside him and fired several shots.

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Ohio food safety testers are adding ice cream to the list of items on store shelves that they check for contamination. The change comes as two well-known producers, Blue Bell and Jeni’s, recall frozen products amid concerns about listeria contamination.

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The Ohio Department of Health says botulism sickened 20 people who ate at a church potluck. One of those people later died.