Ohio Statehouse Legislative Chamber
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Effort Underway To Allow Voters To Keep and Strengthen Term Limits

A group has submitted signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office to start the effort to allow voters to vote for a proposal that would put stronger term limits in the state’s constitution.
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Residents in three Ohio counties where Secretary of State Jon Husted  invalidated anti-fracking ballot issues this fall are arguing that voters, not the elections chief, should decide the substance of such issues.

Not Everyone In Ohio Is Upset About Mount McKinley's New Name

11 hours ago
ormer Mount McKinley in Denali National Park
Christoph Strassler / Flickr Creative Commons

President Obama’s announcement that Mount McKinley in Alaska will now be called Denali piqued a lot of interest in Ohio – the home state of the president for whom the summit was named nearly a century ago.

Mark Shapiro Leaving Cleveland Indians For Toronto

11 hours ago
Former Cleveland Indians President Mark Shapiro (center) talks to reporters with team owner Paul Dolan nearby. Shapiro announced he accepted a simular position with the Toronto Blue Jays.
Brian Bull / WCPN

The Cleveland Indians’ president is leaving to take on a similar position with the Toronto Blue Jays. Mark Shapiro’s move caps off nearly a quarter century’s work with The Tribe.

Ohio Firefighters Sent To Help Battle California, Oregon Wildfires

11 hours ago
A firefighter watches a helicopter fight a wildfire in Califonia.
Staff Sgt. Eddie Siguenza/U.S. Army National Guard / Flickr Creative Commons

Experts are calling this one of the worst wildfire seasons in history in northern California and Oregon – and Ohio is doing its part to help.

Frankin County Jail

A man charged in the slayings of four people at an Ohio home is set to be arraigned.

Sam Hendren / 89.7 NPR News

New technology waits in the wings for agriculture.  Advocates say unmanned aerial systems – commonly known as drones – will boost crop yields and lighten farmers’ workloads.  But Ohio farmers are in a holding pattern as they wait for FAA regulations. 

Ohioans File More Complaints About Credit Report Errors

Aug 31, 2015
jarmoluk / Pixabay

Ohioans have been filing more complaints about inaccuracies in their credit reports that range from annoying to costly.


More than $18.7 million in federal funding to help small businesses has been awarded to Ohio.

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For the first time, Ohio’s law enforcement agencies now have a set of minimum standards for the use of deadly force and for recruitment and hiring. But, the panel that set those standards says there’s a lot more work ahead.

Logan County Jail

A Bellefontaine police officer questioned the behavior of a woman charged with the murder of her three children. 


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