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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (AP) - Vice President Joe Biden is headed to northeast Ohio to campaign for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A jury in central Ohio has rejected a Democratic state lawmaker's defamation lawsuit against the state's Democratic Party.

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BEXLEY, Ohio (AP) - Special programs allowing Ohio college students to earn both their bachelor's and law degrees in a combined six years are cropping up around the state.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A relative of a Civil War soldier who was misidentified when he was buried at a cemetery more than a century ago has asked officials to correct the mistake.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A committee of state lawmakers has held its first of five meetings aimed at determining whether Ohio's jobless benefits system for workers is sustainable and whether any solvency issues need to be addressed.

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The Ohio Democratic Party is appealing a federal court decision that cancels the so-called "Golden Week", when voters can register and cast ballots at the same time.

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CINCINNATI (AP) - Police in Cincinnati are asking for the public's help in finding the source of the suspected heroin behind an estimated 78 overdoses in two days this week.

Residents in the 8th Congressional district in western Ohio may be getting a little vote-weary. The people who used to be represented by House Speaker John Boehner are facing their third election since March, and another one is ahead in November.

Former Football Player Details Struggles With Memory Loss

Aug 26, 2016
Simon and Schuster

Professional football brought Ben Utetch fame and fortune. He says it also led to memory loss after at least five concussions. Utecht has written a new book that he hopes will help him remember his family in case his memory fades even more.

Ohio Troopers OK New Contract For First Raises Since '08

Aug 26, 2016
Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ohio troopers would get raises for the first time since 2008 under a new contract that has been approved by their union and awaits review by a panel that oversees state spending.


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