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Columbus City Schools Bilked Out Of Tutoring Money

An Ohio audit special investigation found Columbus City Schools was charged close to $1 million for tutoring services children never received. The audit’s findings were released Monday after U.S. Attorneys unsealed an indictment.
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Early Voting Starts For November Election

2 hours ago
Voting booths

This fall’s election is officially underway with the start of early in-person voting on Tuesday.

Ohioans who repeatedly use guns to commit crimes would face tougher penalties under a proposal being heard by a House committee.

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City leaders in Grandview Heights are expected to revise an ordinance criminalizing the possession of cigarettes and other tobacco products by anyone younger than 21.

Cooper Farms

  Bird flu that spread to several Midwest states this year killed more than 50 million turkeys and chickens.  Fortunately for Ohio turkey farmers, the flu never affected their flocks.  Yet they still are dealing with a changing turkey marketplace which could mean higher prices for some turkeys at the grocery store.


A 2-year-old girl who disappeared Friday night from her great-grandparents’ home near Youngstown was found alive Sunday evening in a nearby field.

Voting booth
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Monday is the deadline to register to vote in Ohio's fall election. Ohioans also have until Monday to update their voter information.

This week on After The Score, Steve and Thomas talk about Ohio State at Indiana, the hot start by the Bengals, a federal ruling about college athletics and playoff baseball.

John Raphael
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Columbus City Hall lobbyist John Raphael has agreed to plead guilty to extortion charges involving Columbus elected officials and Redflex, the city's red light camera vendor. 

Deadline Passes With No Severance Tax Deal

Oct 2, 2015
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Ohio lawmakers missed a hard deadline Thursday to produce a plan to increase the state’s tax on oil and gas. There’s still no report, and top legislative leaders aren’t worried about it.


The FBI says the chief detective for the Mount Vernon Police Department has been arrested and charged with extorting others and trafficking in narcotics. 


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Tech Tuesday: Credit Cards, 911 Calls, LG Urbane

11am Visa and Mastercard are issuing cards with special security chips to combat the massive problem of credit card fraud in America. The rise of mobile phones has made locating 911 callers more difficult and wireless companies are against one technology that could help. Plus, LG has announced the release of one of the first smartwatches that can make phone calls.
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New Classical 101 Podcast

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Unmute Episode 2: Music from Child of Light and Journey

On this week’s episode of our series on video game music, we’ll listen to the music of two beautifully-crafted games – Child of Light and Journey.
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