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Join PBS NewsHour and NPR for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Live joint coverage will start around 8 p.m., and a full, automatically updating story about the convention will be available below.

The Ohio congresswoman who unexpectedly took over as chair of the Democratic National Convention this weekend is predicting the party will emerge united behind Hillary Clinton. For Ohio Public Radio, WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more from Philadelphia.

  Many of the questions that were being asked of delegates at the Republican National Convention were about party unity. But with supporters of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton meeting up with Bernie Sanders backers, those questions are being asked of delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia too. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler talked to some veteran delegates about that.

Frankin County Jail

A Franklin County grand jury has indicted a man on a murder charge for allegedly selling a powerful painkiller that led to a deadly overdose.

Gas prices around Ohio continue to fall going into the workweek.

Ohio State University

Eighteen universities, medical schools and hospitals in Ohio have been awarded almost $4.8 million in federal funds as part of an effort to boost access to primary care.


Nearly 2,000 homes and businesses in Lancaster are without power because of an issue with a substation there. 


A tree near Mansfield that became a popular attraction for its role in the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" has fallen.

A key lawmaker says apparently unconstitutional portions of Ohio's medical marijuana law, which set aside a piece of the state's future pot business for minorities, were left in the bill during legislative debate to secure needed votes.

There is a well-worn piece of advice among political campaign professionals: When your opponent is committing suicide, don't get in the way.

In this age of Twitter and Facebook, we should add a quick corollary: Do not make news that interrupts the reporting of your opponent's problems — even momentarily.

This would be a time when these wisdoms, old and new, might be retweeted to the leaders of the Democratic Party.


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