Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni's Balked At FDA Records Requests In 2013, 2014

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has shut down twice, this year. Each time, the company has been transparent about finding listeria in its production kitchen. But FDA records reveal Jeni's was not as open with inspectors, last year -- nine months before this spring's recall.
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The term "Internet of Things" describes a world of smart devices that monitor our habits and connect through the cloud. This connection offers the convenience of automation, but some are concerned that the government is lagging too far behind the technology. Coming up , what the federal government is--or is not--doing to regulate this growing industry. Plus, the tricks advertisers are using to track you from your laptop to your smart phone.

A new report warns of a "dramatic" shift in Ohio's population during the next 20 years. 

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The increase in Ohio's older population is so far outpacing overall growth that a new projection forecasts that 22 percent of the state's residents will be 65 or older in less than two decades.

Four people face multiple labor trafficking charges. The victims were migrant workers – most were underage. 

St. Paul A.M.E. Church

Local leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal Churches in Columbus went to New Orleans this week for an international church meeting.   The recent killings of nine church members at Emanuel A.M.E. church in South Carolina are drawing lots of conversation, as well as the church fires.  Most agree though that they won't be overhauling security procedures.  

WOSU Archive

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office says it’s awarding a $300,000 grant to the group Athletes In Action.  The Xenia-based organization is an off-shoot of Campus Crusade for Christ.  The Ohio ACLU says attorney general Mike DeWine is walking a fine line. 

A tanker truck explosion and fire during morning rush hour caused closure of a portion of Interstate 70 at the west outerbelt. 

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  The Columbus city attorney says a contract for a red-light traffic camera program now the subject of a federal bribery investigation was properly awarded and later modified.

Voting booth
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State lawmakers in Ohio have sent a proposal to the fall ballot that would ban constitutional monopolies, an effort with the potential to scuttle marijuana legalization in the state.

The amended measure flew through a Senate committee and both chambers over several hours Tuesday night.

It measure revises Ohio's constitution to prohibit amendments that deliver commercial economic benefits to individuals and cartels. That includes investors in 10 designated marijuana-growing sites named in the legalization issue.

Andy Chow, Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Tuesday signed the next two-year, $71.3 billion state budget, but not before making some big changes.


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