Kasich Moving Up In Polls At Right Time

It’s been a week since Governor Kasich announced he’s running for president. At that point, polls ranked him near the bottom of the crowded Republican field. But he’s moving up, and it’s looking more and more likely that he could be on the stage in Cleveland next week for the first debate.
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Buckeye Lake
Ohio EPA

More than a dozen businesses near central Ohio's Buckeye Lake say they've lost significant revenue with the water kept low as plans are made to replace a deteriorated dam.

Co.lumbus Fire Department

A Columbus Firefighter died in an auto accident Monday night in rural Union County.

Kroger Recalls Some Spices For Possible Contamination

1 hour ago

Kroger says it's recalling four spices because of possible contamination with salmonella.

Ross County Sheriff's Office

A suspect has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of a woman whose slaying is one of several deaths and disappearances troubling residents of Chillicothe.

Ohio's Infant Mortality Rate Sees Slight Drop, Tops Nation's

21 hours ago
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Ohio's infant mortality rate declined slightly in 2013, though it continues to far exceed the national average, according to state health data released Monday.

A lobbyist at the center of a Columbus City Hall bribery probe is off two Franklin County agency boards. 


A new study says Ohio consumers could save several hundred dollars on their electric bills if stricter clean air standards are implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency.  

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The number of school librarians in Ohio has dropped by nearly half in the past 10 years despite studies showing students do better when those jobs are filled.

Charleston, WV Police Dept.

West Virginia police say they are sharing information with authorities investigating suspicious deaths and missing women in southern Ohio. The development comes after a Charleston woman fatally shot Neal Falls, who she says was attacking her in her home.

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If you watch a baseball game on TV these days, you’ll probably see a computerized strike zone superimposed on the screen.  Just like the yellow first down line in football, it’s just for TV purposes and doesn’t actually affect the game. But that could change in minor league baseball, where they’re testing a computerized strike zone. 


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Wurlitzer, the Name that Means Music to Millions

In 1856, The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wurlitzer would go on to become a musical instrument sales mogul. Wurlitzer's success was achieved by adapting to changing marketplaces from the great depression to WWII and beyond. This hour, a look at the history of Wurlitzer name.
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