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Possible Howler Monkey On Loose In Columbus

Police and agricultural officials are searching for a monkey on the loose on the north east side of Columbus.
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A multi-vehicle crash involving a semi-truck and a car near Johnstown has left one person dead.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol says the accident happened after 9 this morning on U.S. Route 62 near Sportsman Club Road.

Richland County and three officials have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case of a man freed after serving two decades in prison for a murder conviction that was later thrown out.


Three Republicans in Ohio's congressional delegation are among those expected to speak at a memorial service for former Ohio congressman Mike Oxley, who died on Jan. 1.

Transportation Security Administration

The Transportation Security Administration says agents found a loaded gun inside a carry-on bag at Port Columbus on Wednesday.

Honda is recalling an additional 2.2 million Honda and Acura vehicles because the driver’s air bag inflators made by Takata can explode and hurl shrapnel into the passenger compartment.


A central Ohio man has been charged with child endangering in a 16-month-old girl's death that a coroner has ruled a homicide.

Ohio's efforts to prevent and control smoking and other tobacco use got another failing grade in an anti-smoking group's latest national review.

Proposal To Cap Drug Prices Raises Questions And Lawsuits

Feb 4, 2016
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The Secretary of State may soon have a decision on a proposal to cap the price Ohio pays for drugs it buys for Medicaid, prisons and other state-run programs. And while that decision might stop the proposal in its tracks, it’s already controversial.

Ohio History Connection

A bird species called the "passenger pigeon" that became extinct more than 100 years ago, is helping researchers learn how to save other animals. Biologist David Blockstein is a leader in Project Passenger Pigeon which aims to better understand how the bird's demise can advance science and conservation.

Two brands of handguns can look virtually identical side-by-side but there’s a big difference: one fires bullets and the other fires BB’s. Lawmakers say this can cause confusion and tragic results.


All Sides with Ann Fisher is a two-hour, daily public-affairs show designed to over time touch upon all sides of the issues and events that shape life in central Ohio.

New American Voices

A series from 89.7 NPR News about the immigrants of Columbus that helped shape the city.

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