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After Refusing Town Hall Invite, Pat Tiberi Says He Won't Take Part In "Shouting Match"

Neither Rep. Steve Stivers nor Pat Tiberi showed up to town hall meetings in their home districts this week. Among Republicans, they were in good company.

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Neither Rep. Steve Stivers nor Pat Tiberi showed up to town hall meetings in their home districts this week. Among Republicans, they were in good company.

In recent days, several Republican lawmakers have faced crowds of constituents at town hall meetings around the country who are angry that they may be in danger of losing their health coverage.

A proposal in Gov John Kasich's budget that requires teachers to get on-site workplace experience at a company in order to renew their licenses is getting pushback from several groups. And now there are signs it might not go too far.

Republican lawmakers are defending their choice not to attend public forums with their constituents. Noting the hostility, he’s seen at these so-called “town halls” around the country, U.S. Senator Rob Portman is calling for civility.

Jim Renacci

Ohio businesses remain pretty divided over a Republican-proposed reform known as the Border Adjustment Tax, according to Congressman Jim Renacci.


A statewide think tank that studies health, education and economic issues is presenting data on Ohioans in a new way: taking district-specific data directly to state lawmakers.  

Among the rolling hills of ancient Africa, sometime around 8000 B.C., a dusty traveler was making gastronomic history, quite by accident.

Thirsty from a long, hot journey, the weary herdsman reached for the sheepskin bag of milk knotted to the back of his pack animal. But as he tilted his head to pour the warm liquid into his mouth, he was astonished to find that the sheep's milk had curdled. The rough terrain and constant joggling of the milk had transformed it into butter --- and bewilderingly, it tasted heavenly.

Congressman Jim Renacci

The field of Republicans eyeing a possible run for governor is continuing to grow.

Three statewide officials have already started raising money for their campaigns. A lesser-known candidate who might appeal to the far-right is also considering a run.

Our children spend a lot of time on standardized tests at school. Now there’s one more thing they could be adding to their elementary school schedules. The Centers for Disease Control has released a report urging schools to provide more — recess.


Columbus police say an officer shot and killed a man who police say pointed a gun at an officer Thursday night.


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